The EisKlass2 project divides into 8 different topical work packages:

WP1: SAR image ice classification

  • Contributors: DLR
  • Goals:
    -Improvement of existing SAR classification algorithms
    -Compensation for incident angle dependencies
    -Smooth mosaicing of multiple SAR scenes
    -Adaption of SAR classification for a fusion with optical data
  • Delivery: June 2022

WP2: Optical image ice classification

  • Contributors: König & Partner
  • Goals:
    -Improvement of optical/thermal image ice classification
    -Improvement of the cloud mask
    -Creation of a large classified Sentinel-3 data set
  • Delivery: June 2022

WP3: Fusioned image classification SAR/optical

  • Contributors: DLR, König & Partner
  • Goals:
    -Common geometry of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-3 images
    -Creation of training data sets
    -Training of the combined AI
  • Delivery: December 2022
GFDL 1.2,

WP4: Operationalization

  • Contributors: DLR
  • Goals:
    -Reduction of computing time
    -Set-up of a cloud based processing framework
    -Implementation of an interface to acess operational data
    -Running of a test service
  • Delivery: June 2023
Ice Chart by Canadian Ice Service,

WP5: Validation

  • Contributors: DLR, König & Partner, OAsys
  • Goals:
    -Comparison with official Ice Charts
    -Comparison with in-situ observations
    -Comparison with Ensemble of sea ice-ocean models
    -Error estimation for the automated ice classification
  • Delivery: June 2022
Credit Frank Kauker (2020)

WP6: Model-Based Product Evaluation

  • Contributors: OAsys, The Inversion Lab
  • Goals:
    -Quantification of the impact of improved classification on sea-ice forecasts
  • Delivery: June 2023

Full Image

Credit Lasse Rabenstein (2018)

WP7: User Interaction

  • Contributors: Drift+Noise Polar Services
  • Goals:
    -Integration of classified ice images in the working process during two demo cases.
    -Collection and analysis of user feedback
    -Anticipated is a research and a commercial case.
  • End Date: June 2023
Credit Thomas Krumpen (2016), modified by Lasse Rabenstein (2020)

WP8: User Client

  • Contributors: Drift+Noise Polar Services
  • Goals:
    -Integration of the classified ice images into the backend of the IcySea web service.
    -Development of the IcySea frontend to display and deliver classified ice images to the end user.
    -Collection and analysis of user feedback
  • End Date: June 2022